April 17, 2014

Let the Music Play: Unity Hospice Music & Memory Program

ST. LOUIS – Community Newspaper Ladue News recently highlighted Unity Hospice of Greater St. Louis’ new music therapy program, Music & Memory.

Unity Hospice is the only hospice in Greater St. Louis currently offering this unique music therapy. Music & Memory brings personalized music to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Grounded in research about how the brain works, Music & Memory is effective because our musical memories are stored in an area of the brain not commonly affected by Alzheimer’s. Sometimes a person’s musical memories, such as a memory linked to a wedding song, is all they have left.

Pictured below is our special section that was published in Ladue News. The article illustrates how Music & Memory links Alzheimer’s patients to their past, and how they are very much still alive inside.

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