April 25, 2017

Thank You, Administrative Professionals!

Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated annually in the United States each April. Unity Hospice would like to specially recognize the important role of administrative professionals in all sectors of our economy; and in our case, in the hospice industry.

Administrative professionals come in all shapes and sizes at Unity Hospice – from front desk representatives to billing specialists to administrative staff and office managers. While qualifications and responsibilities vary among the different positions, one thing has remained clear: it is nearly impossible to run a successful business without the support from the administrative team.

The administrative team plays an integral role in making sure all operations are well-managed, especially those whom work from corporate headquarters. At the local office level, administrative professionals are the eyes and ears of the office. They oversee personnel files for employees, medical records for patients and data entry for office supplies. They are also involved in properly preparing for various staff meetings.

From a communication standpoint, administrative professionals act as the “middle man” between the team and our external stakeholders. Many times, they are the first impression of the company as they are the ones monitoring incoming phone calls and/or taking initial patient referrals.

Administrative professionals are essentially the lifeline an organization. Their unique skillset required for the job and devotion to the companies they work for are necessary for the success of any business.

From Unity Hospice – thank you to all administrative professionals! Your timeless efforts and valuable work are appreciated on the highest level.

About Unity Hospice
Founded in 1992, Unity Hospice is a family owned and operated hospice and palliative care company committed to providing comprehensive care, support and education to people facing a life-limiting illness, those who care for them and the community. Unity Hospice offers care of the highest quality by licensed and competent staff in accordance with laws & regulations and accepted standards of practice. With the dedication to make their patients’ days comfortable, Unity Hospice provides an interdisciplinary approach to each individual and family, in which they go above and beyond everyday to meet their needs.

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