January 3, 2018

Unity Hospice Founder & CEO Featured in Voyage Chicago Magazine

Unity Hospice Founder & CEO Michael Klein weighed in on his experience starting his own hospice company – and how it has come to be what it is today, in a recent article published by Voyage Chicago Magazine.

25 years ago, Mr. Klein was a successful young lawyer who sought purpose and service in his work. In November of 1992, Unity Hospice began at the now famous kitchen table of his home in Skokie, Ill.

It was at this very table where he drafted plans to create a hospice that serves the under served; a hospice that doesn’t deny care for anyone based on whether or not they have a payer source. Unity Hospice’s foundation was created based on federal and state regulations, but it is the pillars of servant leadership, cultural excellence and quality service and programming that made Unity Hospice what it is today.

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