February 18, 2019

The Unity Hospice Difference is Life Changing

A lot has changed in the 26 years since Unity Hospice was founded.  Every year, there are a growing number of people who have been given a diagnosis of six months or less to live turning to hospice. 

Unity Hospice was founded on the belief that all people should be able to experience a peaceful, pain-free, comfortable passing, regardless of their ability to pay. We have never turned away any potential patient due to lack of funds.  We believe also that everyone has the right to determine how and where they would like to die, and Unity Hospice will provide compassionate support for the patient and their loved ones, ensuring a peaceful, pain-free passing.

Hospice care is an alternative approach to the end of life.  In order to be eligible for hospice, a patient must have a life-limiting illness and been given six months or less to live should the illness runs its normal course.  The top reasons to choose hospice over hospitalization include Unity Hospice ensuring a peaceful, pain-free, comfortable passing for the patient, the ability for family members to actively participate in the care of a loved one,  a patient will maintain a quality of life and die at home or where they call home, and a supportive interdisciplinary care team that in addition to medical support also includes spiritual, emotional and psychological support not only for the patient, but for their loved ones.

“If you ask me what it was like working with Unity Hospice, I’ll say it was like a legion of angels swooped down and rescued us from our island of abandonment and anxiety…” grateful family member of a Unity Hospice patient.

Most interesting, though, is the fact that hospice patients on the average live 29 days longer than those who choose ongoing medical care for the life-limiting illness.

Unity Hospice provides exceptional staff and care to all it patients.  A patients’ interdisciplinary team includes the patient’s own doctor, our medical director, nurse, certified nursing assistant (CNAs), social worker, chaplain, and volunteers.

Unity Hospice owns its own durable medical equipment and a team of experts to deliver and set it up.  This is an exception in hospice, as most companies work with a third-party provider for medical equipment.  Unity Hospice is uniquely able to provide the patient with fast delivery of well-maintained, modern equipment that includes hospital beds, oxygen, wheel chairs, commodes and more.  We usually are able to have the patient’s bed and equipment set up even before the patient is discharged from the hospital.

Currently in the United States, most hospice patients utilize Medicare benefits to cover the cost of hospice.  Private insurance is also an option for those who are not Medicare-eligible.  Unity Hospice provides care to all, regardless of ability to pay.

Having the ability to create a high quality of life for a terminally ill loved one at the place they call home, providing palliative care and emotional and spiritual support for all who are involved makes hospice the growing, compassionate choice for those facing life-limiting illness.

 All moments are important.  Choose Unity Hospice to provide the highest quality care provided by exceptional people for those facing life-limiting illness.  Call 815-561-8866.