Employee Testimonials

Unity Hospice knows that its our hardworking, dedicated and compassionate staff that make our company so great. We appreciate their kind words about their experiences with Unity Hospice.

“This company is, and always has been, a company that believes we are here to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve. What excites me is that the president of my company believes it is equally important to have a staff that is happy and engaged in their work as it is to financially succeed.”

“From our founder/president down to local support staff, I can feel the passion Unity has for hospice and palliative care, and for the patients and families we serve.”

“I find motivation from witnessing the positive impact Unity Hospice has on so many patients and their families. Even though I work in the office support department, it still feels gratifying to know that I get the opportunity to play a small part in providing such a meaningful service.”

“There’s no greater honor than just being there for families in one of the most sensitive times in their lives.”

“My manager encourages and respects my opinion. Shows kindness and understanding and to always remain professional which helps me to do the same with others.”

“The emphasis is on comfort of patients and their loved ones, whether through nursing, CNA visits, music, and that ‘sometime extra’ that can only be described as ‘compassion’ in its truest form.”

“We help people at end of life in a positive, professional, and honest manner. We strive consistently to be better and do better through knowledge and education. I feel it is a career rather than a job.”

“Everything we do centers around the team concept. So as each person I work with grows in their position and responsibilities, it helps enable me to grow and be more productive as well.”

“I make a difference and I work for a company that believes it is just as important to make sure we realize and are rewarded for the difference we make as it is to collect a paycheck. We collect two paychecks at my company. One paycheck is the financial incentive we receive every payday. The second paycheck is experiencing the difference we make in this world. When you come to work for hospice, it’s because you want to find meaning and purpose in your work. What is meaningful about this company is that they spend as much energy and resources on reminding and rewarding our team for the difference they make every day. I am as much emotionally and spiritually supported by my company as I am financially.”

“I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with phenomenal, caring individuals to provide a much needed service to people who report to us how appreciative they are of the job we do.”

“I’ve never in my life had a job that I was excited to wake up and go to in the morning, until I worked for Unity Hospice.”