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Unity Hospice’s focused expertise ensures your patients are in the best hands

Since 1992, Unity Hospice has been the trusted choice of medical professionals to provide exceptional hospice and palliative care for their patients. All we do is hospice and palliative care, resulting in unmatched experience and cultivated expertise. And we do hospice admissions 24/7/365 to best care for a patient’s needs.

Unity Hospice has an expert focus on end-of-life care and symptom management.

Our Chicago office completed a deficiency-free audit in the spring of 2019, replicating the same accomplishment by our Western office in 2015.

Refer a Patient

Everything we do puts the patient's care and experience first

Unity Hospice provides its own high-quality DME and our team of equipment professionals is able to take care of a patient’s equipment needs quickly. We do not require a DNR for admission, and we do admissions at night and on the weekends. Wherever your patient is in his/her thinking on hospice and palliative care, Unity Hospice is here to help.

Why Unity?

We are committed to providing the best in care

“My name is Valerie and I am one of the clinic RN’s at AMITA Saint Joseph Center for Advanced Care Lakeshore.

I was hoping you could share this e-mail with your team. I wanted to personally thank you all for your wonderful care of our Oncology patients. We refer out to several Hospice groups depending on insurance and patient needs, but you guys are by far the best (in my opinion). I get calls from your team on a regular basis and all my patients have said they are very pleased. It’s a relief to know my patients are going into the hands of professional, compassionate people that really care and go above and beyond as they enter this phase of care. I don’t always have that experience with our Hospice referrals when it’s not Unity. So on behalf of our whole team, thank you! The work you do is so important and it does not go unrecognized.”

Testimonial from loved ones

Unity Hospice is here to help you make every moment matter.