Caring for the Caregiver

Unity Hospice also provides support for patient caregivers

Hospice care is a team effort, with an integrated care team working together to help provide the best possible care and support for the patient. The true heroes of the team, however, are caregivers, comprised of family, close friends and loved ones, or a professional caregiver.

Caregivers provide the necessary and primary support for the patient and work with Unity’s hospice and palliative care teams. They help administer medication, provide general care of the patient’s needs, meal preparation, laundry, among many responsibilities.

Inherently, there is tremendous stress involved being a caregiver. Caregivers are essential members of the care team, but often times they are also the least mentally and emotionally prepared members of the team. Caregivers may feel depressed, isolated, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Caregiver burnout can be real.

Unity Hospice staff supports caregivers in managing their grief, accepting current realities and helps them prepare and get through in ways that are both manageable and meaningful. Our social workers and spiritual counselors are a support network for the caregiver and loved ones of the patients.

Our volunteers can relieve a caregiver for short periods of time, even if it is just to run some errands or take a walk around the block. Taking some personal space is a very important for the health of the caregiver.

Respite care for caregivers

A true reset button can come by exercising the Medicare-provided Respite Care for Caregivers. Medicare allows for occasional caregiver breaks of up to five days and nights by replacing the caregiver with care provided in an approved facility. The caregiver may exercise this option to travel out of town, attend an event (wedding, graduation, funeral, etc.) or because they are ill. They can also recharge, gain some personal time and reset their perspective.

Support for family and loved ones

Unity Hospice's social workers and bereavement coordinators are here to support the caregiver, family and those closest to the patient, not only the patient. Unity Hospice provides emotional support to the patient's loved ones throughout the patient’s stay on hospice, as well as grief support during and after the patient's passing.

Spiritual care in hospice

Our Spiritual Care Team is clinically trained and experienced in helping you and your loved ones find comfort and strength from the resources that have had meaning and purpose in your life, regardless of your personal belief system—whether religious or non-religious. This can help a caregiver find a peaceful place.

Testimonial from loved ones

Unity Hospice is here to help you make every moment matter.