Paying for Hospice and Palliative Care

We will help you maximize your benefits

We know that worry and concerns about how to pay for hospice and palliative care can have an impact on the quality of life for patients and their loved ones. At Unity Hospice, it is of primary importance that a patient and loved ones focus on the quality of life and making every moment matter.

Hospice costs are significantly less than hospitalization. We will handle all the insurance and billing for our patients, reducing stress and allowing for more opportunity to experience quality time with loved ones.

Hospice services are covered by Medicare Part A and most private insurance companies. Unity Hospice also has never turned away a patient due to an inability to pay. We also offer our patient life enhancement programs at no charge.

Palliative care is in part covered by Medicare Part B and most private insurance companies, although standard co-pays and deductibles apply.

Hospice Care is part of the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package for enrolled veterans.

Our trained billing specialists are here to guide you and take control of this process so you may focus on much more important matters and quality time together.

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Unity Hospice is here to help you make every moment matter.