Your Unity Care Team

Our expert interdisciplinary team provides exceptional care and support

Medical Director/Hospice physician

Your Unity Hospice physician closely monitors your care, prescribes medications, directs the care of other members of your circle of care team and keeps your personal physician informed.

Your personal physician

May stay as informed and involved as you and they find appropriate.  It is more likely they will defer to the hospice physician.

Hospice nurse

Your Unity Hospice nurse is an expert in comfort care and symptom management of hospice patients.  Your nurse will help guide your family members in your care.  The same focused expertise applies to our palliative nurses for our palliative patients.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Our CNAs are the backbone of caring for your personal needs, which include bathing, grooming, and other activities associated with daily living.

Social Workers

Our social workers specialize in the care of not only hospice or palliative patients, but their loved ones as well. They provide emotional support for all involved, including connections to community support resources.

Spiritual Counselor

Regardless of a person’s belief system, everyone can benefit from the guidance and support of a Spiritual Counselor.  They are trained to provide support to anyone in your circle of loved ones.


Our volunteers are trained in the support of patients and loved ones who are in Unity Hospice’s care.  Volunteers can provide a brief break to enable a caregiver to tend to some chores, or just be able to take a walk.  They can provide support with some basic patient caregiving. They may have a special talent with music, flowers or provide support animals, or simply be available to just sit and chat with the patient.

Medical Equipment manager

Unity Hospice provides its own durable medical equipment, reducing wait time and ensuring expert delivery and installation by our medical equipment manager.

Bereavement Coordinator

Grief does not start only when a person dies.  Our bereavement coordinator can help you and your loved ones manage current grief and prepare for future loss.  They can help those in need connect to community resources and provide education.  Our grief support is available to family and loved ones from day one and continues for 12 months after the death of the patient.

Testimonial from loved ones

Unity Hospice is here to help you make every moment matter.