Paws for Patients


The “Paws for Patients” Program

It is unfortunate but not unusual for a hospice patient to find themselves feeling isolated at the end of their life. Unity Hospice volunteers and their animal assisted therapy dogs help hospice patients to feel needed and wanted at a time when they know they are approaching death, and many have lost the comfort of their family and friends. At Unity Hospice, we recognize the benefits of integrating traditional medicine with complimentary medicine as a supportive service. Therapy animals and their handlers can provide unique emotional support for patients and their families and contribute toward a better quality of life.


In addition to emotional benefits, pet therapy may also provide certain physical benefits. Studies indicate that simply cuddling or petting an animal can reduce anxiety, and lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Whether it is to relieve anxiety and depression, or to improve physical comfort, animal assisted therapy activities are one more way that Unity Hospice is dedicated to enhancing comfort and care.