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ALS Values Assessment Guide Helps Patients Improve Quality of Life

ALS Values Assessment Guide Helps Patients Improve Quality of Life

Posted on Feb 16, 2024

Imagine the wave of emotions individuals and their loved ones experience after receiving a diagnosis of ALS – sadness, anger, shock, and fear. Individuals living with ALS face a myriad of uncertainties concerning their future. Many are seeking answers to questions they have about their future.

A multidisciplinary team of Unity clinicians with decades of collective ALS experience, with input from ALS United Greater Chicago, developed a comprehensive guide to help ALS patients make essential decisions as their condition progresses.

“Given that ALS is invariably a fatal disease, with progressive impairment to functioning and increasing burdens to the care partners, it is essential that the care team have frank and open discussions with individuals with ALS.” -Judith Mintz, LCSW

The ALS Values Assessment Guide is designed for use by moderately to well-informed healthcare professionals working collaboratively with patients and their families. It serves as an excellent tool during care plan meetings and is well-suited for educational purposes for clinical staff providing care to individuals with ALS and their care partners.

Key Features of the ALS Values Assessment Guide helps patients and their caregivers:

  • Understand Their Condition
  • Identify Support Resources
  • Consider Important Choices
  • Assess Personal Values
  • Gain Insight on Future Needs

In the realm of ALS care, informed decision-making is paramount. The ALS Values Assessment Guide empowers patients, healthcare professionals to navigate the complexities of ALS, providing a roadmap for collaborative decision-making based on the values and priorities of those living with ALS.

Download the guide and enhance the quality of care provided to individuals and families affected by ALS.

For more than 30 years, Unity Hospice and Palliative Care has provided exceptional hospice care to those in need to help patients and families make the final months, weeks, and days comfortable and meaningful. That heart and soul still flows through Unity’s family-owned and operated agency. Unity delivers exceptional hospice and palliative care in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Texas. For more information about Unity, visit https://www.unityhospice.com/.

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