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Are You or a Loved One Ready for Hospice Care?  

Are You or a Loved One Ready for Hospice Care?  

Posted on Jul 02, 2024

Are You or a Loved One Ready for Hospice Care?  

Look for These 12 Common Indicators – if you notice at least 3 of these, consider hospice for additional comfort and support. Hospice is a special kind of care that focuses on quality of life for people with serious illnesses who have been diagnosed with six months or less to live. 

Research shows that starting hospice care sooner can provide better symptom relief, success with pain management and quality end-of-life care. Many families say they wish they had started hospice care sooner for their loved one.  

Physical Signs

1. Declining Health:

When medical treatments are no longer working or too challenging to tolerate

2. Recurring Infections:

Such as pneumonia or bladder infections that keep coming back

3. Noticeable Weight Loss:

Or if the person has stopped eating

4. Skin Issues:

Such as bed sores or frequent skin tears

5. Struggling with Daily Tasks:

Such as bathing, feeding themselves, moving from bed to a chair, using the toilet, or walking

6. Breathing Troubles:

Rapid breathing when doing simple tasks like dressing, going to the bathroom, or showering

7. Feeling Confused:

Difficulty making decisions or concentrating

8. Frequent Hospital Visits:

Going back to the hospital often or visiting the emergency department because of their serious illness

Emotional Signs

9. Shifting Priorities:

Expressing a desire to prioritize special occasions and family time over burdensome treatments and hospitalizations

10. Emotional Fatigue:

Expressing feelings of exhaustion about the effort required to live with the illness

11. Less Social Interactions:

Withdrawing from interaction, connection and engagement with friends and family

12. Need for Extra Support:

Caregiving needs have become more time-consuming and complicated, and caregivers would benefit from extra support, training, and education

Still Uncertain if Your Loved One is Ready for Hospice?

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