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Choosing a Hospice: 6 Factors that Matter Most to Healthcare Providers

Choosing a Hospice: 6 Factors that Matter Most to Healthcare Providers

Posted on Jun 13, 2024

When choosing a hospice, a wide range of choices are available – so how do you select the right one? Should you seek a hospice offering seamless processes and dedicated support? Or one that features personalized care and focuses on the whole patient and family? Or are years of experience and an impeccable reputation most important? Below are the six factors healthcare professionals say matter most when considering a hospice provider for their patients.

1. Rapid intake and discharge processes.

When patients and families need an intake consultation, time is of the essence. Choose a hospice committed to facilitating all requests quickly, no matter when they occur. Whether during regular business hours, in the evening, or over a weekend, patients should typically be admitted within 24 hours. The hospice should also respond rapidly to referrals and ongoing communications and coordinate care to ensure speedy discharges. Most importantly, they should appreciate the urgency of hospice concerns and welcome your calls 24/7.

2. Excellent communication and support.

Exceptional hospice care centers around a dedicated point person who provides workable solutions and unlimited support. The hospice provider should coordinate care at every step. Care coordination can include taking on time-sensitive tasks such as delivering signed consent copies and confirming the start of care date. A few hospice care partners also stock, deliver, and set up DME for home hospice care. To keep everyone well-informed, seek a hospice partner who facilitates frequent updates with the hospital, physician, patient, and family.

3. Coverage for all patients.

As a compassionate professional, you want to be sure your patients aren’t burdened with unaffordable costs for quality hospice care. Confirm that your hospice partner is an in-network participant with all major health plans. Ideally, your hospice care partner also supports underserved communities, believing that no patient should be denied care if unable to pay.

4. High marks for patient, family, and employee satisfaction.

It’s important to know that your patients are being cared for with great compassion by a dedicated hospice care team. Healthcare professionals frequently explore the reputation of their prospective hospice partner by checking testimonials, online reviews, and industry awards. Also key is rigorous training and staff longevity, reflective of a high quality organization.

5. Personalized care.

In hospice, the ultimate goal is to ensure a peaceful and meaningful end-of-life transition with personalized care for patients and families. However, whether due to size, staffing, or budget, not all hospices can provide much beyond the basics. This results in a legacy of minimal, standardized care and dissatisfied families. Choosing a hospice provider who offers in-depth assessments, specifically tailored care plans, and various life enrichment programs is essential. This level of personalized care can bring you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment as a healthcare professional, knowing that you are providing the best possible care to your patients.

6. A trusted, collaborative partner.

A referral to hospice is considered a natural extension of the hospital’s care. Look for an accredited provider with specialized knowledge and a proven track record. You’ll also want to ensure the hospice can support all levels of care, including general inpatient (GIP) care, a higher level of care provided in a hospital setting for patients with severe symptoms that are unmanageable at home or in a nursing facility.

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For more than 30 years, Unity Hospice and Palliative Care’s dedicated teams have provided exceptional care to 30,000+ families. We aim to serve many more with the heart and soul that have distinguished us from the beginning. Referring patients to Unity means you’ve chosen a partner who shares your priorities and delivers on them daily. We focus solely on hospice and palliative care and honor every life with dignity, respect, and unwavering support. For more information about referring your patients to Unity, please contact us:

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As a primary care physician for 22 years, I have seen the desperate need for better end- of-life care. Unity Hospice and Palliative Care has become my partner in providing this care. Through their experience, expertise, and immediate responsiveness, I can now provide the care my patients and their families deserve.”– Dr. David Shaw, Esse Health

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